Just about 99% of the projects I work on are on my github page and are open source. My github profile can be found at I also use devpost but only after hackathons. My Devpost profile can be found at

Works in Progress

CIOTS: Comprehensive Internet of things Scanner (needs a better name) A packet scanner to see when your IOT Device is connecting to the internet and when. That way you can moniter your device

Tortrix: A graphical user interface for apt on ios. This would be an app that used setuid(0) and the apt binaries (compiled by saurik) to make a apt gui to install, uninstall and browse cydia repositories.

RaspBarrier: A hardware and software solution to help end users fight against data breaches. It allows for users to moniter what is coming to and fron their networks and stop connections that they dont deem necessary

PiSpy: A solution to package theft. This is a smart camera that will allow for users to recieve a text message when a package arrived and is picked up from their porch. Soon it will also be able to detect violence and weapons for added safty.